Bad Company

Location: Louisiana
Time: Now
Trouble: Bad things, getting badder.

Meet the troubleshooters.

The Skinny


Bad Company is a spin-off of the Supernatural show (and RPG), currently in its Second Season. Unlike the show, events of Bad Company are local, and take place outside of the show’s storyline (so far).

Sorry guys, but the Winchesters are nowhere to be seen.

If you want to know about the storyline, check the current season summary. The wiki is under construction as they say, but you should get a good enough idea of what’s going on.

Who and Where?

The campaign revolves around the New Iberia Chapter of the Iron Order, an outlaw motorcycle club, that deals in contraband farm supplies (and occasionally guns) by day, and hunts supernatural creatures by night.

You can bring yourself up to speed by checking the current season summary.

How we play it

What makes Bad Company unique is its approach to the cast of characters. All the members of the Iron Order are NPCs, but can be co-opted by guest players.

If we like the way the guest player plays the character, it becomes her character, i.e. nobody else can co-opt it.

If the player cannot join the next game, the character is played as a NPC. This way, the campaign can move forward, no matter what.

How can I join?

So far, we have played “table-top”, but we are considering to use Google Hangout, and possibly even Fantaisy Grounds II (we own a universal license, so everyone can play for free).

If you want to play with us, send a P.M. to the game master, or an email to counterpart[dot]jack[at]gmail[dot]com with object: “Bad Company – Guest”.

You can roam the Characters section of this campaign to have an idea of the current cast. Characters marked with a ☠ are members (or soon to be) of the Iron Order; characters marked with a ✝ are deceased ones.