Bad Company

Season 2 - The Story So Far (as of S02E09)

Carry on my wayward sons...

Where we are

Season 2 is on a short hiatus, after the last “Sweatlodge Special” (“A bow, a few arrows, some mead and a ghillie suit”, S02E09-10), where Tucker Boudreaux traveled through the Spirit World, in a land far away, a long time ago.

There, he found what the M.C. needed to deal with the aftermath of the mid-season finale (“All According to Plan”, S02E08), in particular Ian turning into a gargoyle.

It is still possible that Roland tun into a fiend, but other than that, everything’s fine. Trust me.

Where we go

The next move voted at the the M.C.‘s table is an assault on Kingston “King” Spielman’s ranch. After what Tucker, Roland, Jacob and Cry Baby witnessed in Lidya, at the Grim Reapers’s H.Q., the M.C. expect some opposition.

Bikers and fire-proof walking trees, mostly. Maybe a few corporate guards, too.

So, we need all hands on deck, mateys!… oups, wrong game. Anyway lock’n’load, and kick-start the bikes.

We’re on for a hell of a ride…


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