Janitor with a PhD (actually, a MBA, but who cares), in hiding behind a fake mustache


Appears in: S02E03.5

Felix looks like he’s out of an old video of The Village People, but that’s intentional. No state trooper would spend to much time talking to one of the Village People, right?


Felix’s history is a mystery. At some point of S02E03.5 (“Hell of a Night, Part I”), he mentioned that the law was after him for tax evasion. This might have been some poetic justice, given that he also said that he used to cook the books for the mob.

Whether this is true or not, no-one has any idea. Then again, would a mere janitor sport a mustache like that?

Hhis moment of glory came when Felix pole-vaulted the Abomination with a mop, then carried Grams to the safety of some distant cover. The rest is history.


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