Macha (Goddess)


The Skinny on Macha

Macha is a Celtic goddess of the battlefield, whose animals are the crow and the horse. Macha set foot on the New World with the first Spanish and Portuguese Celtiberians settlers. Since then, she has played the long game.

Her existence is revealed in Season 2 (S02E02 “Spoils of War” and S0203 “Home Run”), and the Iron Order learns that she had formed a compact with Ti’Karenweh, and was responsible for the “ghost horses” attacks — Cf. Season 1.

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Also in Season 2, the Iron Order learns that a red hair woman accompanies the Grim Reapers everywhere. She rides a bike painted with Celtic symbols, and sports ink of the same inspiration. She is believed to be Macha’s current incarnation.

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Traditionally, Macha has dominion over horses, and things that grow in the earth. She can feed on emotions and, when they are strong enough, she can give them physical form, and use them against those who have them. She can use and animate nightmares in the same manner, which she turns into Night Crows. Macha is also known to practice blood magic (see Roland’s story in S02E04).


Macha’s two known weaknesses are the following:

  1. she can be wounded (and possibly killed) by a weapon made of a tree from her native land;
  2. there is, in her native land, a oak that bears an acorn which is, in fact her heart.

Both weaknesses are revealed to by the Shaman, the first to Tucker and Buck ( S02E05) and the second to Tucker ( S02E09). The first revelation leads to the M.C. to steal a cross in Cathedral St. Patrick in New Orleans ( S02E08).

Historical stuff

If you want to know more about the “old time” Macha, here are a few links:

  1. Macha the Goddess
  2. Babd and Anu (aka The Morrigan), the two sisters of Macha (but the three could be aspects of the same goddess).

Macha (Goddess)

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