S02E01 The Texan's Wife

The Skinny

Tucker and Jasmine find out the hard way that some of Ti’Karenweh’s minions are still around, and powerful. General Lee discovers a way to kill them. Pretty Boy Matt sweet-talks Beryl Spielman to talk about her husband.

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The Details

In the aftermath of the Lac Peigneur disaster, the bodies of one of Junius’ workers, and the body of a gator hunter are found in the bayou, half-digested by a black goo. Tucker and Jasmine bring a sample to the morgue at the Iberia Medical Center (in New Iberia), to an assistant medical examiner, who is friend to Eileen Jackson, and has agreed to make some test.

When Tucker and Jasmine come back a couple of hours later, the black goo has killed the medical examiner and a co-worker, and is trying to get away in a sink. Tucker neutralizes it pouring some alcohol on it, without killing it, and brings it back to the M.C. in a jar. Later, General Lee, looking for sausages, accidentally discovers that the bleach kills the black goo.

Meanwhile, Tucker and Pretty Boy Matt plot to bait Beryl Spielman with Matt’s good looks and a recording deal, with the aim to find some weakness they could exploit to get the Texan off the M.C.‘s back. When their plan comes to fruition, Beryl appears all too happy to humor the M.C. about her husband’s affairs. It soon turns out that Kingston Spielman has dealings with a dark entity with a thing for horses.

S02E01 The Texan's Wife

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