S02E03 Home Run

The Skinny

Tucker’s dream helps the Iron Order to identify a new enemy, and reveals its alliance with an older one. A raid on the Grim Reaper’s H.Q. gives a glimpse at the enemy’s powers, and Iron Order kidnaps a high-ranking member of the Reapers.

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The Details

Gina has tasked Tucker and Roland with planning an assault on the Grim Reaper’s H.Q. in Lydia, and kidnapping a high-ranking member, to get some intel. Roland mentions that according to the Black Rebels, the Reapers are now accompanied everywhere by a tattoed red hair woman, and Tucker sends a picture of the triskelion from his dream to the Black Rebels.

The Rebels soon confirm that the picture matches the ink on the woman. Meanwhile, Ron has researched the picture too, and identified it as the symbol of Macha, a Celtic goddess who rules over horses and crows, and could have set foot in the New World with celtiberians migrants. Spielman’s recently acquired taste for horses begins to make sense…

Tucker, Roland, Ray and Merle, joined by two newcomers, Jacob Warshofsky and Cry Baby, proceed with the “smash’n’grab” mission in Lydia. But the mission nearly goes in the shitter hell when Roland decides to go in alone and all guns blazing, only to emerge moments later followed by a running tree, that Tucker’s incendiary bullets do not bother at all.

But Jacob and Cry Baby save the day, when Cry Baby manages to grab a member of the Grim Reaper, smashes the running tree with him, then throws the Reaper on Jacob’s truck’s flatbed. Ray and Merle steal a couple of bikes to create a diversion, and Tucker covers their escape, while Jacob drives Cry Baby to safety, and Roland is nowhere to be seen.

S02E03 Home Run

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