S02E03b Hell of a Night (Part I - Tucker's Odyssey)

The Skinny

Tucker makes his way back to the M.C. through the bayou. Surprised by a sudden downpour, he ends up leading a ragtag bunch of misfits, first to a shelter against the rain,, and then out of it when they wake a local abomination.

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The Details

Tucker decides to walk back from Lidya to the M.C., when it suddenly starts to rain violently. On his way, Tuckers gathers a ragtag group of characters, that includes a psychic homeless middle-aged woman, that he convinces to leave Lidya, on account of demonic trees roaming the streets; an old lady and her cat who have gone astray and lost their hiking group; a janitor with a Ph.D whose truck is stuck in the muck; and a moody strongman down on his luck and making ends meet as a lumberjack who was there, lumbering.

Together, they try to find shelter against the heavy rain in a cabin on a lake, but they disturb an angry spirit, that first manifests itself through a stuffed badger, and then as an amphibian abomination. They eventually fight their way out, and Tucker leaves them at a trucker’s stop some time at dawn.

The Meaty Part

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S02E03b Hell of a Night (Part I - Tucker's Odyssey)

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