S02E05 Trojan Horse

The Skinny

Tucker and Buck takes a short spirit walk and learn from Tucker’s spirit guide that Macha can be killed by a lance made of wood from her land. Roland, Jasmine and Tucker take turn with Ted, the Reaper prisoner, and terminate a rescue party with extreme prejudice. This finally convince Ted to turn coat.

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The Details

Gina is sets priorities for the M.C., and tasks Tucker to find out what Macha could exploit in Roland (he does not talk about his past but may open up to another vet) and to interrogate Ted, the Grim Reaper that Jacob and Cry Baby kidnapped, to find more about Macha.

Tucker as another tactic in mind, and asks Buck to find him some psychoactive plant to smoke in a calumet, and together, they build an improvised tepee tent in the warehouse where Ted is held. The vision reveals black tendrils attached to Ted, similar in form to Roland’s mark. Then the Shaman appears to Tucker and Buck in a coat of black feathers.

The Shaman reveals that he has so far controlled the night crow that Macha has sent against Tucker (and used it to talk to him). Bu her power is growing, and he will have to free the beast, and it will then relentlessly try to kill Tucker. He also reveals that Macha can be killed with a lance whose shaft would be made of wood from her land.

When he’s sober again, Tucker gets back to its duties at the bar, and has a soul-sharing conversation with Roland, where he finds that Macha is exploiting Roland’s memories of his time in Jordan, at KASOTC where he was trained to interrogation techniques. Tucker then decides not to use Roland’s skills on Ted, to prevent Macha’s power over him to grow, but rather to turn Ted.

Two days later, Tucker, Roland, Jasmine and General Lee are alone at the M.C., taking turn with Ted, who is impressed by the knowledge the Iron Order has on Macha, but not yet ready to turn. While Tucker and Roland are planning their next move, Jasmine screams in the warehouse. Tucker rushes, to find one Grim Reapers holding Jasmine, the other taking him at gunpoint. When Jasmine breaks free, Tucker shots his reaper, while General Lee tears open the throat of Jasmine’s one.

One of the dead Reapers is their Sergeant-at-Arms, which reveals that Ted is actually a more important member than it first appeared. Tucker presses his advantage on Ted, and convinces him that Macha is only getting the Reapers killed at a faster rate than ever, and that if Ted collaborates with the Iron Order to take down Macha, things could improve when he’s put back in charge.

The Meaty Parts

Memorable quotes

[Tucker to Buck] “You look like the inner tube of a tractor’s tire, with palmed feet, and a duck’s beak. That’s an improvement, ain’t it?”

[Roland to Tucker] “What we did there, I would not do to my worst enemy. And that’s all I have to say about it to my friends.”

[Tucker to Ted] “I bet Macha forgot to mention the cost, you know, body-count-wise, of world domination and shit? You should have guessed, tho, with all the blood magic… Not too smart, eh? Us, we don’t do that shit. Just good’all smokin’ and sweatin’ and Mother Nature, that’s the shit we do. And kickin’ ass. So, you want to stay on the losing side, or what?”

S02E05 Trojan Horse

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