Bad Company

S02E11 Update

Everything is simpler at gunpoint

[Buck] “There’s a risk of complication with the patient. That’s because of a trombo-veinous embolism. And the fluidity of… Fuck that! [Drawing a gun and a sawed-off shotgun from under his doctor blouse.] Gimme a piece of that man’s stomach! Like, a gastric sample!”

Hi guys. I thought I would document the highlights of last game before we forget too much :D It’s no full account, but I volunteer to do that later (like, an article for the Daily Iberian). But it will be useful if some back-up has to come to the rescue.

Also, I put the time-stamps more or less as I remember them, so feel free to edit the chronology.

  • Some time before I pm: Roland, Buck, and Ian arrive at Iberia Medical Center. Roland is driving, while Buck rehearses his speech.
  • Around 1 pm: Tucker, dressed as a clown, arrives in Jeb Boudreaux’s Dodge Ram, with General Lee and a crow. Buck walks half-way in to the main desk, goes back out, then in again, and registers as the replacement for Chrissy Lalonde, MD.
  • Soon after: Tucker walks in, with General Lee and the crow, posing as Bozo the Clown, privately-hired for “the kids with cancer”. The desk employee sends him to Pediatrics. On the way, Tucker disposes of his clown outfit, steals a janitor coverall, and fits General Lee and the crow (after having duct-taped its beak) in a garbage push cart.
  • 1:10 pm: Buck meets Son V. Nguyen, MD, in the gastroenterology service, on the second floor. Nguyen suggests a change of clothes. Buck heads to the fifth floor (Pathology) and Lalonde’s office.
  • 1:15 pm: After chain-smoking 5 cigarettes, Roland and Ian, tired of waiting and smoking, walk in. That is, Roland walks in, pushing Ian on a wheelchair.
  • 1:20 pm: Buck, Ian and Roland meet in Lalonde’s office. Buck accesses the Lalonde’s terminal, and finds that a bariatric surgery (a gastric bypass) intervention is scheduled at 2:00pm. Roland informs Tucker by cellphone, and heads with Ian towards a smoking area.
  • 1:40 pm: Tucker, still pushing his garbage bin, recons the basement. He spots one guard at the elevator, but the two other service elevators (including one accessing the parking lot) are not guarded.
  • 1:43 pm: Tucker walks in the morgue, knocks cold the employee on duty, and sets up shop. General Lee gets some beef jerky.
  • Around 2 pm: Roland and Ian head to the morgue, through one of the unguarded elevators. Buck waits in the lobby of General Surgery (first floor), where he notices armed guards searching the premises. One of them mentions “Jeb Boudreaux” in his radio.
  • 2:30 pm: After having waited for the procedure to be well on his way, Buck barges in the operation room, where surgeon Thomas Borland is operating. Dr Nguyen is there, too. Under the accumulated stress, Buck reverts to the traditional outlaw ways, and gets a gastric sample at gun point.
  • 2:40: Buck arrives at the morgue, and informs the others that they have until the end of the surgical procedure to perform the ritual. Roland draws Ian’s blood for the ritual, but gets out of control with the crow, and is about to kill it, while they need it alive. Things get worse when Buck, against Tucker’s orders, holds Roland at gunpoint. With no other option, Tucker headbutts Roland, and takes over the spell.
  • 2:50: Tucker, after having drawn blood from the crow’s heart without killing it, gently crushes its skull, and begins to cook the mixture of blood, bird brain, and human stomach in a pan, over a fire made with the crow’s cage, on an autopsy table.
  • 2:56 pm: Buck and Tucker nearly freak out when they realize that an ingredient for the spell (a birch rod) is missing. In a timely fashion, Buck remembers that he has concealed it in his pant’s leg, but had forgotten with the accumulated stress.
  • 2:57 pm: Tucker undertakes the next step of the spell which involves birching the victim of the curse 7 times, while reciting verses. Ian, who has not been warned, defends himself.
  • 2:58 pm: Tucker, although almost stone-cold k.o.-ed by *Ian*’s only connecting blow, completes the ritual.
  • 3:00 pm: Ian, who is quickly recovering physically, but is mentally freaked out, storms the morgue with *Buck*’s help, to find chemicals that he could use to blow something up. Tucker suggests Jeb’s truck. Roland wakes up. Somewhere in Surgery, the alarm is given.
  • 3:02 pm: Two armed guards arrive at the morgue. Tucker, General Lee and Buck jumps them, getting the drop on them, but one is just faster than Buck…


qualia_1 tucker_boudreaux

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