Bad Company

S02E11 Final Update

When in doubt, take a hostage. Or two.

Hi guys!

Episode 11 is over, an I’m going to give it a write-up for the episode guide some time soon, but before that, I have a back-log of a few episodes. Speaking of which, I can use some help with S02E08, because I did not take notes on that one. So I’ll probably update S02E09-10 before S02E08…

That being said, given the overall chaos during the escape from Iberia Medical center, and the early departure of team Ian-Buck, a brief summary of the episode, when everyone’s memories are still fresh, will sure be useful. So let’s rock’n’roll.


  • 3:03 pm: Buck, Tucker and General Lee overpower one hospital guard and close the door on the other.
  • 3:05 to 3:35 pm Roland calls Gina, and informs the group that she is sending Cry Baby and Ray with a van, but that a diversion will be needed, so that they can access the morgue through the parking garage. Ian collects some chemical to build a bomb, but is convinced not to try to breach the morgue wall, since an explosion would immediately get the Fed’s attention. Tucker begins the diversion, using the guard’s radio to order a pizza, some beer, and a box of Vicodin.
  • 3:35 to 3:50 pm: Cry Baby call in from outside of the hospital, and Tucker and Roland begin the next step of the diversion. Using the guard hostage as a human shield, they get past two cops in the morgue lobby, and take the elevator to the first floor. There Roland takes the hostage-taking strategy to the next level, and Tucker blows a few fire extinguishers for good measure. All the cop cars converge to the main entrance, leaving Cry Baby and Ray free to access the morgue.
  • 3:50 to 4:00 pm: Cry Baby pretends to have taken Ray as hostage, and with the help of Buck and Ian, alerted by the noise, get rid of the two cops in the morgue lobby. A third cop, who had been hiding in the display room, shoots Buck, but only grazes him. Buck shoots back instinctively, but the cop is saved by his vest. Cry Baby knocks the cop out with Ray’s gun before Buck could reload and finish him. Then Buck knocks out the two other cops, and hogties them with their handcuffs. Ian smokes and repeats to everyone who cares to listen that he will not build a bomb, or blow up anything, even if they ask.
  • 4:00 to 4:10 pm: Roland decides to stay on the first floor to buy the others some time, and sends Tucker back to the morgue with the hostage guard, where he re-unites with Buck, Ian, Cry Baby and Ray. The guard is knocked out, and locked into a morgue body storage, and Cry Baby carries the two cops as hostages. On their way to the van, Tucker shoots a police car, and two more cops, wounding one of them severely by busting his knee cap. Buck and Ian head to the M.C. in the van with the cops, while Tucker, Ray and Cry Baby stay behind, to organize Roland’s escape.
  • 4:10 to 5:00 pm: Tucker, who has made sure that no sniper could get a shot at Roland on the roof of the hospital, convinces him to get there with a bunch of hostages. With the help of Gina (on the phone) Tucker and Cry Baby set up a secure communication channel via an instant-messaging app with Roland, and have [[Helicopter or duster plane? | a heated argument]] about the best escape contraption: helicopter, or duster plane. Tucker buys some time with the hospital negotiator, asking for a helicopter to land on the roof, while Gina gets an open-cockpit duster plane with a rope ladder for Roland.
  • 5:00 to 5:10 pm: While the duster plane is making its approach, Tucker and Cry Baby diverts the attention of the negotiator and the cops, by re-iterating the demand for a pizza, with “delta shrimps and all-american crayfish”, a can of beer “but not the liberal micro-brewery shit, and nothing from California”, etc. The plane flies over the roof, and Roland makes a clean escape. Ray hot-wires a car in a nearby parking lot, while Tucker and Cry Baby empty a bottle of bourbon and a jar of moonshine.
  • 5:30 pm: Tucker, Ray and Cry Baby arrive at the M.C., and take some heat from Gina. Cry Baby, wasted, can’t stand it, breaks down, and cries, while Tucker falls unconscious trying to brew coffee, and begins snoring behind the bar. Roland arrives at the M.C. a short time later.


  1. Everyone: 1 point for being there; 3 points for completing the mission without killing anybody.
  2. Ian: 1 more point for sticking to his gun and not building a bomb or blowing anything up in reprisal for not having been allowed to blow a hole in the morgue wall.


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