S02E14 What Happens in the Auberge

The Skinny

Back in the world, Tucker & Kat discover the cause of her legal troubles: a whistleblower working for Aucaman Malik at The Auberge who used her intrusion to put her on Malik’s data trail. In order to secure enough information to secure an immunity deal for Kat, the MC organizes a diversion at the Auberge. Tucker and Kat sneak in and out of the server room and get away unnoticed with a treasure trove of data, some for the FBI, and some for the MC.

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The Details

The whistleblower took advantage of her intrusion in her father’s bank to upload on her computer the proof that Aucaman Malik was buying land illegally. The diversion was a meet-and-greet to organize a launch party for Beryl Spielman’s new LP, Bayou Country (which actually might turn out not half bad.)

S02E14 What Happens in the Auberge

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