Gargoyle Curse Counter-spell


In Season 2 mid-season finale ( S02E08 “All According to Plan), Ian Callahan is wounded by a gargoyle in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New Orleans. In the next episode (S02E09 “A bow, a few arrows, some mead and a ghillie suit (Part I), Ernestine Louviere gives the M.C. a recipe for a counter-spell, which prompts Tucker’s spirit walk to retrieve one of Macha’s own crows (S02E09-10), and later the operation at Iberia Medical Center ( S02E11 “A slight risk of complication).

The Spell

Rune_of_Repelling.jpg A rune of repelling has to be drawn on a piece of lignite (brown coal) and then pressed against the victim’s forehead.

The delicate part is the preparation of the ink, which requires the following ingredients:

  • three drops of blood from the index finger of the victim’s left hand,
  • three drops of blood from the ring-finger of the victim’s right hand,
  • two drops of blood from the victim’s right nipple,
  • one drop of blood from the victim’s left nipple,
  • six drops of blood from the heart of a living raven,
  • the raven’s brain,
  • three pieces of a fresh human stomach.

First collect the blood from the fingers and the nipples. Mix it with the blood from the raven’s heart. Then add the raven’s brain and pieces of human stomach. Cook on an open fire until melted.

Let it cool, and draw the rune on the lignite with it by dipping a twig taken from a birch rod into it. When done, put back the twig into the rod, and strike the victim’s back and legs 7 times with it, while shouting the following:

Ashes to ashes
Spirit to spirit
Take this soul
And banish this evil.
This harmful spell I now negate
Return things to their rightful state!

Gargoyle Curse Counter-spell

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