S02E04 Hell of a Night (Part II - With Friends Like This)

The Skinny

Tucker re-unites with Roland, who thinks some shadow is after him. Tucker calls Merle for help. The three visit Ernestine, who blocks Rolland’s curse for a time, and offers some insights on Macha’s and Ti’karenweh motives, and Tucker’s role.

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The Details

In the morning after the raid in Lidya, Roland calls Tucker, and gives him a rendez-vous point at the crossing of Route 90 and Avery Island Road (Lousiana Highway 329) in New Iberia. Tucker finds Roland hiding, and shit-scared. Roland has seen the red hair woman cast the spell that summoned the demon-tree (cf below, The Meaty Part), and he has a mark on his leg where the creature hit him. He has been followed by shadows the whole night, and can still see them in dark corners. Tucker calls Ron, and gives him a sit rep.

Tucker and Roland follow the State Road for a spell, and find a gas station operated by an old timer, who knows a thing or two about the cabin where Tucker has spent the last night, that Tucker learns over breakfast. Ron calls back, and confirms that the red hair woman is indeed Macha, and that Tucker should be ready to take measures against Roland if things go south. Tucker, who’d rather not see things turn that way, rents a rusty truck to the gas station owner, buys him a haf-empty bottle of Bulleit, and drives Roland to Ernestine’s place.

Once at Ernestine’s place, Tucker updates the old Catholic witch, who tells him that Roland has something that Macha can claim as hers (besides being Irish) and that she cannot dispel it unless she knows what it is. She can however prevent the mark to spread and slow its effects, whatever they are. Ron calls back and gives some intel about Macha, that helps Ernestine pick a counter-spell. Ernestine also tells More to Tucker about the balance of the universe, how Ti’karenweh tried to disrupt it in his favor, with the help of Macha, and how Tucker could have a role in setting things right.

Tucker calls Merle and sends him at Maia Piran‘s shop to gather some components for the counter-spell, and goes gather some on his own. While doing so, he is contacted by the Shaman, who tells him that Macha uses people’s deepest emotions to control them, and that her aim is to control all the horses of the land, and ultimately the soil, which will give her dominion of what comes from it (stone, etc.) or grows in it (plants, trees, etc.).

Shortly after, Merle arrives with the supply, and Tucker asks him to help subdue Roland, because the spell requires some of his blood, and Tucker anticipates some opposition. A brawl ensues, where finally Tucker and Merle get the upper hand when Tucker knocks Roland with the bottle of Bulleit he bought in the morning. The counter-spell succeeds, preventing for a time the shadows from following Roland.

Late in the evening, Merle, Roland and Tucker return to the M.C. Merle and Roland disappear with Gina, and Tucker resumes his duty in the kitchen and at the bar, telling everybody about how he subdued Roland with a bottle of booze.

The Meaty Part

Roland’s story

When re-united with Tucker, Roland gives the following account of what he saw in the Grim Reaper’s H.Q., before he started to shoot.

They were there, you know, circle-like, and there was that red hair chick, butt-naked, covered with ink, crows and triskelion like you had drawn, and stuff like that. She’s kinda hot. Which is good, because they are all looking at her, so no-one pays attention to me. Yet. She walks to a Reaper, and she has a chalice in one hand…Don’t give me that look. A chalice. It’s vocabulary, you should try sometimes. Fucking redneck… So, she has that chalice, and a dagger, ancient-like, I’m not even sure it’s metal. She draws blood from the Reaper, and dips her arm in it, and all the sudden the blood creeps up her arm, like it’s alive. She raises her arm, and the blood turns into a black snake coiled around her hand, and the fucking thing is hissing and darting its head in my direction. Next thing I know, the snake is on the floor rushing towards me, and all the Reapers are looking at it, and then at me…

S02E04 Hell of a Night (Part II - With Friends Like This)

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