S02E06 Sending a Message

The Skinny

Tucker and Ray stage a firefight mid-way between Lidya and New Iberia, an leave Ted an a few Reapers bodies. Back at in New Iberia, Tucker and Roland smoke some pot, take another spirit walk, and learn more of Macha’s secrets, and send her a message.

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The Details

Roland, Gina and Tucker conceive a plan to get Ted back to the Reapers, while getting rid of the bodies of their (former) Sergeant-at-Arms and his dead buddy. Roland and Tucker are to stage a fire-fight while Ted calls for help. Ted suggests to call “Gary”, a cop that the Reapers have on the take and will “take care of things” and prevent an autopsy that would reveal that the Reapers died much earlier.

Ray finds a disused sugarcane processing facility, where Tucker and Ted go with Tucker’s truck, while Ray and Roland ride the Reaper’s bikes. Roland and Tucker have some fun shooting at an empty warehouse, and Tucker shots Ted through his oversized love handles before he calls Gary. On the way back to the M.C., General Lee barks at Roland’s leg. The mark is not getting better.

During the afternoon, Ron monitors the police frequencies, but the firefight seems to have not attracted any attention. Tucker and Roland research Macha on the internet. Roland gets a bit moody when realizing what she is, and Tucker decides that it’s time for some payback, and suggest that they kill the night crow that Macha sent after him, at dusk.

In order to ask the Shaman to release the night crow, Tucker smokes some weed with Roland, and both share a frightening vision: a Native American is walking in a desolate plain, towards a fortress with walls of metal, that swallows him. Then the fortress disappears, and is replaced by a pair of glowing read eyes.

The Shaman then appears, and tell Roland and Tucker that Macha is responsible, and imprisons the spirits who destroy the land try to resist her, and accelerate her domination. But he also tells them that this tactic may alienate some spirits, like spirit horses, who need the land. He also alludes to a legend according to which an invincible weapon could be made with the blood of four horses. More research for Ron.

After the Shaman has agreed to let the night crow go (not without instructing them not to let it touch Roland), Tucker and Roland spend some time on preparation. Ron has found a way to block Macha’s curse, and instructs Wade, the M.C.’s resident tattoo artist, to tattoo the mark, which now looks like a grown tree, with an ink made of juniper ash and salt. Tucker shows the mark to General Lee, who does not bark at it.

At dusk, Roland’s spirit are up, and he and Tucker lock themselves in the barn where Jasmine has her workshop, with guns and whiskey. Soon, the night crow flies in, and Tucker and Roland riddle it with silver bullets

The Meaty Part

Memorable quotes

In the sugarcane processing factory: Tucker is approaching Ted, gun in hand

[Ted] Hey, man, what are you doing, for fuck sake?
[Tucker] What, I’m gonna shoot you, go figure. That’s what I do best. B’sides, you gotta look the part, eh?
[Ted, looking distressed] Wait, wait… You never said it was part of the plan!
[Tucker, laughing] Man, without that part, there would not even had been a plan to begin with.

At the M.C.: Roland and Tucker are sitting at a table, with 2 laptops and a near-empty bottle of Buleit. Suddenly, Roalnd swears, and looks at Tucker over the screen:

[Roland] Fuck man, thanks to you, the Morrigan owns my ass, now!
[Tucker, smiling] Yeah, listen, going in there all guns blazing was not part of my plan. But I know what you mean. I have the perfect remedy for it.
[Roland, nodding at the bottle] Yeah, about that, it’s about empty.
[Tucker, laughing] Oh, no, not that, buddy. We gonna smoke us some weed!

In the barn/workshop: The screen is filled with the barn’s roof, seen through the night crow’s eye. The bird caws feebly, and his vision fades. It’s dying. Tucker approaches, Roland following behind him. He point his gun at the bird, and start to speak slowly, with an exaggerated Southern drawl.

[Tucker] Hi birdy. You don’t look so good, do you? You got the bitch on the line?
[The night crow caws.]
[Tucker] I’ll take that for a yes. Well, tell her that from now on, she has jack shit on us. Oh, and that we own her ass, too.

Tucker shoots. Fade to black. Ending credits

S02E06 Sending a Message

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