S02E07 O'Brother

The Skinny

Gina dispatches Roland and Tucker to deal with an infestation of Ti’karenweh minions in Grosse Tête, but they get side-tracked when Chance and Jeb Boudreaux turn up at Tucker’s place, and try to take him. Rolland and Tucker eventually get the upper hand, get drunk, and figure out the solution to the infestation while waiting for a ride.

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The Details

Tempers are running high at the M.C., as no immediate action can be taken against Macha and Spielman. When a fight breaks between Roland and Ray, for no other reason than Ray’s taking his older brother’s role too seriously, Tucker begins to look for a job that could keep them separate and busy. Gina, who is absent, but has in fact had the same idea for a while, calls the M.C. and send Tucker and Roland to Grosse Tête, where Tucker used to live, and where people are getting sick because of tap water.

Roland and Tucker arrive at the Tiger Truck Stop for diner. The evening is a slow one. The owner complains about animal right activists, whom he suspect to have poisoned the cistern, and informs Tucker that his father has been looking for him. Tucker also learns that a couple of CDC scientist have come in a trailer, and buys a 6-pack of beer to bring them, as a token of good will. But the CDC employees are not too keen on talking to Roland and Tuckern, and In spite of Tucker’s peaceful intentions, Roland grows impatient and kicks his way in the trailer.

Tucker offers a round of beer and mentions the incident at the morgue of Iberia Medical Center (S02E01 “The Texan’s Wife”) and gets their attention. The CDC employees then confirm that the victims show the same symptoms as the gator’s hunter, as if gangrened, but with no pathogen being detected. Tucker obtains a list of victims to cross-reference with the locations of water sources, and head with Roland to his shack.

At Tucker’s place, Roland and Tucker find which water source is most likely polluted, and find the location of the closest transporter of industrial cleaners. They decide to take a few hours of sleep, and then steal a truckload of bleach.

Iin the middle of the night, Roland wakes Tucker, after hearing someone approaching. Roland silently climbs to the roof from inside the house, moments before it fills with smoke. A man tries to catch Tucker with a net, but get shot by Roland & Tucker. Chance Boudreaux gets the drop on Roland, and takes him hostage, menacing to kill him if Tucker does not drop his gun, but Tucker shoots him, and Roland gets away without a scratch.

Tucker and Roland drag Chance in the house, and get him to tell them that Jeb was also part of the stake out team. Tucker get him to surrender, asking him to leave all his clothes, save his underwear, while Roland is patching up Chance. Tucker and Roland, who have emptied a couple of jars of moonshine, are now unfit to drive, and call the M.C., asking for someone to pick them up.

Later, Ray and Ron arrive, and find Roland and Tucker totally drunk. Tucekr and Roland leave Chance and Jeb Boudreaux zip-tied outside Tucker’s house, and Tucker sets fire to his shack, before taking off with Jeb brand new Dodge Ram.

The Meaty Part

Memorable quotes

Inside Tucker’s House while Roland is patching up Chance Boudreaux

[Jeb] You know, Tucker, one day, we’ll be back, and you’l be alone.
[Tucker, to Roland] Don’t you think that guys has too many limbs?

S02E07 O'Brother

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