S02E12 Ladies' Night

The Skinny

Steve Dupeux secures pro bono legal help for Tucker, in exchange of his help in clearing a teenage genius hacker, Kat Benton, from online piracy charges. While trying to do so, and thanks to Kat’s hacking skills, Tucker catches the sent of Ti’Karenweh, and discovers as-of-yet unknown allies of the evil manitou. Facing Kat’s growing skepticism, the MC comes up with a reckless plan to convince her that they are not just another bunch of batshit crazy rednecks.

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The Details

In a diner, where Steve Dupeux has organized a meet-up between Tucker Boudreaux and Yolanda Olmos, a lawyer that could help him with his latest law-related issues. Tucker being broke as usual, Olmos offers to defend him pro bono in exchange for his help, clearing her teenage daughter Kat Benton from charges of online piracy.

Kat has broken in the database of Stevens investment bank where here father works, just for fun, because she could. While she was in, some information was deleted, and partially restored from back-up. Interestingly, some files recording real estate deals were duplicated after the back-up, most likely replacing deleted files. Kat’s IP address had been traced, and she has been charges of data theft, but she swears she has nothing to do with it.

After a visit to the cybersecurty firm contracted by Stevens LLC, it turns out the culprit could another hacker, who would have taken advantage of Kat’s intrusion for doing his own dirty business and put the blame on her. The duplicated fies could be the result of some hasty programming.

On a hunch, Kat and Tucker ask Ron to put together a map of the properties in the duplicated files. Ron sets a Google Map that reveals an unsettling pattern: the properties all sit along the path of ancient waterways, some of them still existing, while others have been diverted. Moreover, two of them are close to Poverty Point and the reservoir in Grosse TĂȘte where Tucker and Roland traced a “parasite” associated with Ti’Karenweh (cf. S02E07).

Kat’s skills are put to good use, as she traces all the real estate deals to L’Auberge a Native American owned casino operated by Aucaman “Black Snake” Malik, whose family has extensive ties with the Redbone movement (remember Maia Piran?) Further searches reveal further unsettling incidents, dating back several years, that could well be part of a ritual to open a portal to Ti’Karenweh.

Kat grows increasingly skeptical about manitous, celtic godessess, and other supernatural entities, that Tucker, Ron and Rolland keep referencing. Anticipating that they will definitely need more of Kat’s help, and that they must convince her first that they are not batshit crazy, they come up with a plan to convince her: get her to accompany Tucker in a spirit walk.

The MC contacts Grey Longhood, who raises some concerns about Tucker’s taking another spirit walk so shortly after the last one. Eventually, he runs Tucker and Kat go through the sweat lodge ritual. and the two find themselves in a middle of a swamp, in a pitch black night. Surprisingly, Tucker still has his gun, with 15 bullets, 5 of them silver-tipped.

Tucker and Kat find what looks like Tucker’s footprints, and they follow them until they run into one of Sengann‘s scouts. It turns out that Tucker was in pursuit of a monster who has harassed Sengann’s army after the victory against Vinog’s army (cf. S02E09-10. Tucker’s spirit has lingered there for a while, with a life of its own, explaining Longwood’s worries.

It does not take long to Kat to figure out that the monster is a black snake traveling through ‘thin spots’ (thanks to a computer-science analogy with a worm that she’s the only one to get, really). Thanks to her, a trap is set that forces the monster to appear at one spot while cutting its retreat. Tucker’s silver bullets actually seem to do some harm.

S02E12 Ladies' Night

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