Season 2 Summary

What has gone before

In Season 1 the Iron Order prevented the manitou Ti’Karenweh, who rules over the waters of Bayou Teche, to gain physical form, by closing a mine shaft on an islet in Lac Peigneur.

But some of Ti’karenweh’s minions are been around, and it remains unclear how he could have had dominion over the ghost horses that repeatedly attacked the M.C.

Furthemore, the circumstances of the operation at Lac Peigneur have caused the wrath of the Texaco executive in Louisiana, Kingston “King” Spielman, who seems hell bent on tracking whoever wa responsible for the incident and making them pay for the damages.

Episode Guide

A note about cast: Only PCs are listed in the cast. A stared name* next to the name indicates that the PCs appeared as a NPC in the episode.

S02E01: The Texan’s Wife

Tucker and Jasmine find out the hard way that some of Ti’Karenweh’s minions are still around, and powerful. General Lee discovers a way to kill them. Pretty Boy Matt sweet-talks Beryl Spielman to talk about her husband. Read More

S02E02: Spoils of War

Tucker and Roland find their partners in a gun deal slaughtered by a rival M.C., the Grim Reapers.Tucker’s quick wits and quicker draw prevent an ambush, leaving five dead reapers. Tucker takes a bike as trophy, and later has an ominous dream. Read more.

S02E03: Home Run

Tucker’s dream helps the Iron Order to identify a new enemy, and reveals its alliance with an older one. A raid on the Grim Reaper’s H.Q. gives a glimpse at the enemy’s powers, and Iron Order kidnaps a high-ranking member of the Reapers. Read more.

S02E03b: Hell of a Night (Part I – Tucker’s Odyssey) [Monster Special]

Tucker makes his way back to the M.C. through the bayou. Surprised by a sudden downpour, he ends up leading a ragtag bunch of misfits, first to a shelter against the rain,, and then out of it when they wake a local abomination. Read more.

S02E04: Hell of a Night (Part II – With Friends Like This)

Tucker re-unites with Roland, who thinks some shadow is after him. Tucker calls Merle for help. The three visit Ernestine, who blocks Rolland’s curse for a time, and offers some insights on Macha’s and Ti’karenweh motives, and Tucker’s role. Read more.

S02E05: Trojan Horse

Tucker and Buck takes a short spirit walk and learn from Tucker’s spirit guide that Macha can be killed by a lance made of wood from her land. Roland, Jasmine and Tucker take turn with Ted, the Reaper prisoner, and terminate a rescue party with extreme prejudice. This finally convince Ted to turn coat. Read more.

S02E06: Sending a Message

Tucker and Ray stage a firefight mid-way between Lidya and New Iberia, an leave Ted an a few Reapers bodies. Back at in New Iberia, Tucker and Roland smoke some pot, take another spirit walk, and learn more of Macha’s secrets, and send her a message. Read more.

S02E07: O’Brother [Monster Special]

Gina dispatches Roland and Tucker to deal with an infestation of Ti’karenweh minions in Grosse TĂȘte, but they get side-tracked when Chance and Jeb Boudreaux turn up at Tucker’s place, and try to take him. Rolland and Tucker eventually get the upper hand, get drunk, and figure out the solution to the infestation while waiting for a ride. Read more

S02E08: All According to Plan [Mid-Season Finale]

Ian and Jasmine plant a bomb in the WWII Museum next to St Patrick’s Cathedral in New Orleans, and call the cops, who evacuate the area. Then Ian, Tucker and Jacob sneak in the cathedral to steal a cross brought from Ireland, but are attacked by a gargoyle. Ian gets wounded, and in their haste, the guys forget Jasmine. Read more

S02E09: A bow, a few arrows, some mead and a ghillie suit (Part I) [Sweat Lodge Special]

Following the gargoyle attack, Ian is found to be under a curse, revealing that Macha’s power is growing. Buck prepares a sweat lodge, and Tucker undertakes a spirit walk to get guidance from the Shaman. The sweat lodge ritual sends him back in time to Iron Age Ireland, where he kills and beheads a Banshee, and then meets the Shaman, who teaches him to use a bow, and gives him marching orders. Read more.

S02E10: A bow, a few arrows, some mead and a ghillie suit (Part II) [Sweat Lodge Special]

In Iron Age Ireland, Tucker joins a small army, commanded by Sengan, before they fight followers of an unnamed demon, lead by Vinog. Tucker finds some mead to drink, sews an Iron Age-ghillie suit, infiltrates Vinog’s lines, and prevents Vinog’s victory, all to obtain an ingredient for the spell that will free Ian from Macha’s curse. Read more.

S02E11: A Slight Risk of Complication [Spell-casting Special]

Roland, Ian, Buck and Tucker go to Iberia Medical Center to obtain the last ingredient for the gargoyle curse counterspell. Buck, impersonating a pathologist, must obtain a gastric sample, on the pretense of a risk of complication during a bariatric surgery intervention, while Tucker, Roland and Ian will prepare the morgue for the ritual. Things take an unexpected turn when the accumulated stress gets the better of Buck. Read more.

S02E12: Ladies’ Night [Sweat Lodge Special]

Steve Dupeux secures pro bono legal help for Tucker, in exchange of his help in clearing a teenage genius hacker, Kat Benton, from online piracy charges. While trying to do so, Tucker catches the sent of Ti’Karenweh, and discovers as-of-yet unknown allies of the evil manitou thanks to Kat’s hacking skills. Facing her growing skepticism, the MC comes up with a reckless plan to convince her that they are not just another bunch of batshit crazy rednecks. Read more

S02E13: Ladies’ Day [Sweat Lodge Special]

While trying to locate a mystic artifact for the spell that would banish Macha from Louisiana, Tucker run into a party of Amazons. They turn out to be the goddess’ shock troop on a hunt for the black snake. Tucker and Kat broker a short-lived alliance between them and Sengann’s army and on the pretense of setting yet another trap for the snake-monster, convince the Amazons to use the artifact he needs as bait. While the battle rages, Tucker and Kat make it back to their bodies. With the artifact. Read more.

S02S14 What Happens at the Auberge

Back to our world, Tucker & Kat discover the cause of her legal troubles: a whistleblower working for Aucaman Malik at The Auberge who used her intrusion to put her on Malik’s data trail. In order to secure enough information to secure an immunity deal for Kat, the MC organizes a diversion at the Auberge. Tucker and Kat sneak in and out of the server room and get away unnoticed with a treasure trove of data, some for the FBI, and some for the MC. Read more.

Season 2 Summary

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